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Humanoid Robot (Pak-E) designed by Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) Students Team Members: 1.Rana Waqar2.Ammar Zafar3.Daniyal Ali khan4.Saqib Akbar5.Noor us Saba6.Khadija Shabbar7.Mehak Naweed8.Jehanzeb Khan9.Amna Sajjad10.Muhammad Owais Khatri11.Muzammil khan12.Muhammad Ali Soofi Robot is equipped with 21 sensor ports 2 sonar sensors 4 force sensors for robot gripper 8 imu sensor ports(MPU6050,6 dof) 3 current sensors for real time current monitoring of different portions 3 voltage sensors on batteries for monitoring discharging and real time voltages 1 GPS skm53 for location finding and navigation purposes All this data is monitored on VISUAL C # based GUI over 1 mile The wireless module is xbee s1 pro, we can change it with new xbee module with 6 mile(approx 10km) range, the module adapter is same for both module, so the main board is compatible with newer xbee modules, you just need to plug the newer module. This xbee rf module…
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Chemistry Experiment: Electrolysis of Water Chemistry Experiment: Electrolysis of Water
Electrolysis of Water Material & Tools 20ml Plastic syringe,10mL Plastic syringe (2),Infusion tube, Empty plastic Bottle, Connecting Wire, Super Glue, Colored NaOH Solution,8cm long Nail(2),Yogurt Container ,Cutter Knife, Plastic Straw,9VBattery,Paper Clip(2),Spirit Lamp, Match Box, Permanent Marker Procedure Cut plastic bottle to make a beaker using a cutter. Make two points at the bottom of the beaker using a permanent marker. Heat two nails and insert them on the marked points of the beaker. Put the Glue around the nail from outside of the beaker to avoid leakage. Cut the nozzle of each 10ml syringe using the Cutter. Join two 10ml stringer by heating their brims. Cut the infusion tube into two pieces of 10cm length. Attach a tube on the top of each syringe. Cut two squares on the opposite sides of the container to make a stand for the electrolytic beaker. Put the electrolytic beaker into the beaker stand.…
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Fun with Iodine Solution by Match Heads Fun with Iodine Solution by Match Heads
Decolorization of Iodine Solution by Match Heads Chemistry fun experiment students will learn and enjoy the Decolorization Iodine Solution by Match Heads. Materials & Tools A Bottle of Water, Iodine Tincture, Straw, Jam Bottle with Lid, Metal Wire, Scotch Tape, Scissors, Match Sticks Procedure: Add5-6 drops of iodine tincture to the water till it becomes brown. Mix well Make a bunch of 6-7 match sticks around the metal wire. 1st: Twist the wire doubly 2nd: Attach a match stick to the wire 3rd: Tie other match sticks a little below to the central match stick. Complete! Pour the dilute iodine solution into the jam bottle. Burn the central match sticks and let the other match sticks burn in the jam bottle completely. Close the bottle immediately and swirl it. Observe! The brown color of iodine has vanished away! Watch Video: Reason: Match heads contain sulpher and produce SO2 when they…
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Chemistry Experiment: Production of Carbon Dioxide Chemistry Experiment: Production of Carbon Dioxide
Chemistry Experiment: Production of Carbon Dioxide Materials & Tools Vinegar, Baking Soda, Ice cream Stick, Empty Plastic Bottle, Infusion tube, Scissors Spirit Lamp, Match Box, Large Iron Nail, Lime Water Test Tube(3) Method Make a small hole in the cap of a plastic bottle using a hot nail Cut the infusion tube 12-18 inches long. Insert the infusion tube in the hole of the cap and attach it to the plastic bottle. Put the 2nd end of the infusion tube in the test tube. Put some amount of baking soda in the plastic bottle. Add some vinegar in the bottle and close the cap immediately. Collect the gas, produced in the bottle, into the test tube. Burn a match stick and insert it in the test tube. It is extinguish Put some lime water in the two test tubes. Pass the gas in one test tube by putting the other…
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Osmosis: Experiment with Potato Osmosis: Experiment with Potato
Osmosis: Experiment with Potato Osmosis is the process by which solutions of different concentrations move across semi-permeable membranes from the region of lower concentration into that of higher concentration. Osmotic pressure is the force with which molecules move from the area of its higher concentration into that of its lower concentration. Materials & tools Unboiled Potato, Boiled Potato, Petri Dish, knife, peeler, Table Salt, Water Cut one boiled and one un boiled potato in two equal halves. Remove strip from the base of each one half. Make a small hollow on the broader side of potato half using a peeler. Pour equal amount of water in the two Petri dishes. Dip the base of each potato half in the two Petri dishes. Put half a teaspoon of table salt in the hollow of each potato half in the Petri dish. Leave the two samples for two hours. After two hours,…
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Solar Thermal Water Heater and Moderator by Habab Green Thermal Water Moderator by Habab
Solar Thermal Water Heater and Moderator by Habab Project by Habab Idrees Water storage tanks are generally made up of plastic and fiber. That extensively heats up the whole system in summers and cools it down in winters. The use of geysers (gas & electric) in winter gives rise to multiple complications. Environmental problem Waste of money Waste of natural resources. In one year, an 80-gallon (302-liter) electric water heater averages about $500 to run, uses 4,800 kWh of electricity and contributes about 6,600 pounds (2,993 kilograms) of CO2 to the atmosphere A natural-gas-powered heater does better, but it still accounts for about $400 and 3,900 pounds (1,769 kilograms) of CO2 per year So both geysers are somehow very harmful. In case of solar geyser, the complications found are High upfront cost Uncontrolled raise in temperature. Competitively less quantity of water is heated. (Not to mention geysers are one dimensional,…
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How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand) How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand)
How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand) In this science experiment you will learn how to make water proof sand (magic sand). Normally when water is added to sand the outcome is predictable. The water soaks in and the sand becomes wet and sinks. This is not the case with water proof sand! Water proof sand has the unique quality of staying dry under water. Materials: -Sand Silicon spray 2 clear plastic or glass containers with large mouths Process Make Magic Sand The first thing we will need is a baking pan wrapped with tin foil so that we don't damage it. Be sure to wrap it around the edges to completely protect it. The second thing will need is some dry sand. I got this hermit crab sand at my local pet store for about three bucks. And lastly the key ingredient is a can of Scotch Gard…
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Homemade portable Biogas Digester photos Homemade portable Biogas Digester photos
Homemade biogas plant made by Yasmin (sialkot).This biogas plant made from Iron and plastic drum. Here is some photo graph of her digester. Biogas plant in action, biogas burning in stove Plant fulled with gobar Biogas digester Biogas stove Homemade biogas digester photo Homemade biogas digester photo Homemade biogas digester photo
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Green Wall "عمودی باغ" Green Wall
 Article about Green Wall "عمودی باغ" in Urdu, Green Wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing medium, such as soil , their are main three type of Green Wall systems are the Pro Wall System, Versa Wall System and the Basic Wall System. The article written by Mohammad Ahtar and published in express news.
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Build a Water Rocket واٹر راکٹ (Video Tutorial Urdu) Build a Water Rocket  واٹر راکٹ (Video Tutorial Urdu)
Water rocket can be made by carbonated bottle, it can hold more than 7bar pressure. int this post we will show you how we can make a water rocket challenge wining water rocket. For making of water rocket we have to need two carbonated drink bottle (Pepsi,coo cola bottles), plastic file folder, vinyl or masking tape, marker, bicycle tube nozzle and some tools. Diagram of Fins Top part of a bottle
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