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DIY Projects

DIY Projects

Make your own science Projects, Gadget and domestic device for student hobbyist, enthusiast to save money and learn technical feature of things. Do it your self DIY Make Science project at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles, Homemade Electricity Generator Telescope Biogas plant Wind Turbine, Solar Cooker.

DIY Project: Make your own Electric Generator Introduction: Alternator or AC (Alternating current) Electric Generator is a device which converts Kinetic energy into electrical energy. جنریٹر ایک ایسا آلہ ہے…
Make your own DIY Small HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbines) science fair project  from PVC pipe and bicycle Generator Wind Turbine project introduction: A wind turbine is a device that…
DIY water Feeder for wild bird from pet bottle Making of DIY water Feeder for wild bird from pet bottle is an incredibly simple process Use this craft to teach…
Part 2 Making Your Own Water Rocket Part 2 Making Your Own Water Rocket The water rocket body to be introduced in this article will be a basic type that…
Water rockets are easy to make and use materials found in daily life. Children will be thrilled, and their creativity stimulated, watching their hand-made rockets soar skyward to unexpected heights.…
How to Build a 12vDC to 220vAC Power Inverter (UPS) uninterruptible power supply Introduction: Power inverter is a device which converts 12 volts to 150 volts of D.C into 220…
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DIY Science Projects, DIY UPS, DIY Wind Turbine, DIY Biogas Plant, DIY Generator,

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