1. Who can Join Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. The only criterion for becoming the member of PSC is enthusiasm in Science. Everyone from school students to PhDs. can join

2. How can we join Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. Please register on website to acquire membership from online. Membership from to be submitted online. OR. Visit PSC and fill membership form.

3. What are the benefits for becoming the member od Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. For detailed answer visit the following link www.paksc.org/join-us/membership

4. I am not from Karachi, How can I get benefits from Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. Our all resources are available online. You can visit www.paksc.org/pk You can also join our online community for any technical support or discussion and sharing ideas www.paksc.org/community

5. How can I play active part in Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. PSC provides you a big platform to utilize your skills to benefit the community. You can work voluntarily with PSC. You can help other PSC members in completing their research projects.

6. How can I become volunteer or Team member of Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. Dedication and enthusiasm of a member makes him eligible to become the volunteer or member of Team PSC.

7. Do you have any other branch in any city?

Ans. We have our head office in Karachi and a branch in Sialkot. We are planning to set branches across Pakistan.

8. What is the location of Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. PSC Head office located in Korangi-4, Karachi. Address: C189, Sector 35/A, Zaman Town (Gulshan-e-Hali)

9. How can a School get registered with Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. Schools and Colleges can avail or Schools and Colleges Affiliation Program (SCAP). Please visit www.paksc.org/scap

10. How can I get help for my Final Year Project?

Ans. PSC provide assistance for final year project to his members. If you are a member you can visit PSC Head office.

11. Who is running Pakistan Science Club?

Ans. Please visit following link http://paksc.org/about/our-team



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